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Printing Your Certificates

  1. For the best prints use good quality inkjet printer paper since copy paper will not give good results (or a good quality paper for laser printers if that's what you have). While any good paper will give good results, glossy photo paper will make your certificates have the richest color and the finest details.

  2. Your templates were designed to be used with white paper, no need for a colored paper.

  3. Click "print" then "preferences" (or "properties") and be sure you have your printer set to "photo" or "best photo".

  4. While you are in the "preferences or "properties" section, be sure "fit to page" and "center" are ticked

  5. Some printers are physically incapable of borderless (sometimes called edge to edge) printing and you will get a white border all around your certificate.

  6. If you get a border around your certificate, try this:
    • Click "preferences", "printer setup" or something of that nature (it varies with each printer model)
    • See if there is a box that says "borderless" or "print to edge" (print to edge is usually only for glossy paper), be sure that is checked.
    • Do another test print. If you are still getting a white border around your template then your printer can't do borderless printing.

I don't feel a border is much of a problem since most people will probably put their certificates in a frame and you need a border around the certificate to put under the matt/mount, but you can always bring the files with your students' names on them to a copy center (Kinkos, Mailboxes Inc, etc) and have them printed out for a reasonable price.